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A Hexdump Program in Python


We're going to roll our own hexdump program here. A hexdump program is a useful tool for a Python programmer. It allows one to learn about UTF-8 and other Unicode character encodings, examine input and output data, troubleshoot Python source code encoding, and so on.

nano Keystroke Configuration


We're going to explain a few things about nano keystroke configuration here. A post about a simple text editor might seem unnecessary, but I still meet junior admins who only think about vim or emacs. But nano has its place - it's installed on just about every system I come across, it's easy to use and it's quite capable. And with a little effort it can be reconfigured to use Windows-style keystrokes.

linux time

I find that most desktop users (and even some admins) don't have a firm grasp of linux time issues. It's true that in general time just works on linux, but there are times (no pun intended) when a knowledge of the key ideas comes in handy.

Bash Redirection


We're going to explain a few things about Bash redirection here. It's a perennial oldie-but-goodie topic that in my opinion is usually explained poorly.





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